Vicky Giannos’ Miracle Story

If you think Miracles don't happen, think again.  I had mine.  This is my true story.

When I was only 17 I started to get cysts on my ovaries.  My left ovary was lost completely, then half of my right ovary. I was left with only half of an ovary.  They told me my chances of ever having a child would be almost impossible, so I never gave it any further thought.  After I married my husband, who is 13 yrs older than me, an amazing man in every way. He was also from the same place in Jersey that I was from.

We had been married only about 6 months, one day....

I started to feel sick one day, I thought maybe I had the flu but it was lasting too long.  My doctor did a pregnancy test. It was positive. I was in total that very moment I felt what true love was. 

I started to have visions of him... I knew what his name would be,

I knew it would be a boy, I had dreams of what he would look like, I had dreams of him playing the piano....which is ironic...I knew he was special.  

I was having lunch in a restaurant with one of my husband’s best friends, when I started to have pain. I went to the ladies room and almost passed out.  

My WATER BROKE in my 4th month of pregnancy.... Blood, water, everything gone at that moment... I was terrified and started crying, praying...

I was rushed to the hospital.  My doctor, who was part owner of the hospital checked me out and said, “I’m so sorry, but you will go into labor, and you will lose this baby by midnight." 

With tears burning my eyes, I said, NO, NO, I WILL NOT LOSE MY BABY.  He said, "Vickie I'm sorry but do you understand what’s going on here? Your water broke; placenta is gone, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to hold a baby at this point".

I said, this may sound crazy to you, but I am Italian and Catholic. My grandfather had just passed away, and we believe that when one goes... one comes... so you see there is no way I will lose this baby!  Besides that, JESUS will NOT let me lose this baby! "Do you have that kind of faith doctor?" I DO.

Of course the doctor thought I was delusional.  He had me hooked up to monitors, and had nurses on me around the clock, watching and waiting for me to go into labor.

I prayed & prayed with tears streaming down my face praying to Jesus, "I know you have blessed me for a reason, I believe with everything that is in my soul I will have this beautiful child who I have seen...who I feel, who I know already" I know my purpose is to be his mother.

The doctor called me periodically through the night to check on me, asking if I was in pain.  I said, “No I'm watching the baby's heart beat on the monitor.”  This went on for a week, he was baffled. Finally he sent me home with a nurse; I was on complete bed rest.  He decided to do a scheduled C-Section and get the baby out early.  It was done just a little over 8.5 months, the Dr. was afraid to let me go full term. 

On June 3rd, 1986 at 11:29 am my son was born.  My doctor sat on the edge of my bed with tears in his eyes... He said, Vickie "You made me believe in things I am not suppose to believe, there is no medical explanation for this".  I said, “Because this had nothing to do with medicine.  This is a miracle.“

Today, my beautiful son is successful music producer, JimmyG. of "TheAudibles".  My very best friend.  Light of my life.  My Miracle.

Believe.  Dreams Do Come True.  Miracles do happen.

Vicky Giannos