A Few Good Men

We all grew up in the southern side on Barbados in a village called Church Village which can be found in the largest parish - St. Philip. In the earlier stages of our lives we lived on separate sides of the village, but still attended the same church and Primary School. Reeco and Reemon (brothers - lead singer and rapper) lived on a side that was terrorized with gang wars, police raids and so that helped influence a change in location, when we were around 9 and 11 (as we are two years apart).

Then we moved to the quieter side of the village where KC (Kyle the drummer) lived, but that doesn't mean we were then freed from the gangs that plague the neighborhood. This was just a quieter area.

We all destined early to make something of ourselves and not fall prey to the trend of the village (hanging on the block and roaming the streets). We decided we were going to set a new standard.

We all play in the same church band, played the same sports in the streets with the rest of the kids, attend the same University. We did and still continue to do everything together. We're brothers. We love music and it was always a part of us. We used to rush home on evenings to sing and play our favourite songs along with some other guys in the neighbourhood. KC would play the drums on an unused garbage can after we all went through the process of writing lyrics from our favourite songs after we taped the songs of the radio or listened to CD's we purchased.

We all determined in our hearts that we'll be the lights in the gloom and bring peace and success to our village. Therefore, when an opportunity arose to start the band, we didn't hesitate.

'Submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.'  James 4:7

Reemon and I grew up in a single parent home. So it was Reemon, my sis and I living at home. I (Reeco) am the third child, but oldest boy. I have two sister's before me and only Reemon after. Then we have a half brother who is younger than Reemon.

Family life was pretty much built on faith and a lot of prayer. We didn't have much growing up, but our mom made sure she did the very best she could. Things were tight, but we didn't complain. It taught us to be contented men and to make anything work. Family supported us from the time we were very young. They came out for cricket, athletics, soccer, swimming and now they are giving us the best support ever in music. We love our family. Music is a chance to give back to them all that they did for us growing up and more. It's a chance to live beyond just the satisfied level and to be comfortable.

KC (Kyle) - I have a pretty large family but hey. I live with my mother, father and two sisters and my aunts, uncles and grandparents live walking distance away. In my family I'm the oldest son, grandson, and nephew so yea, childhood was kind of awesome. I have two younger sisters who I tried to toughen up because I always wanted a younger brother but through the years I learnt to protect and be there for them.

Well, we all grew up in church and therefore our foundations are rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ; however, we all came to know God on a personal and real level at separate times.

Reeco: I saw him at work when I was around 16 but it was until I was about 18/19 that I decided I wanted to pursue ministry solely. For a while I was battling with an artistic direction. I wanted to sing gospel songs at church, but really enjoyed the attention from the ladies when I sang love songs at concerts and other shows. But, when I met up with TKMG (The Kairos Music Group), my development team at the time, they helped me to understand and see my true calling in sharing the gospel and doing it in a diverse way.

Reemon: I always was grounded in church from all those Sunday's my mom took us to church, even when we didn't want to go.

I heard about Christ and I knew the bible and all I was taught at sunday school. So I knew right from wrong, but i still chose wrong most of the times for numerous reasons; to be cool, and to fit in with the crowd. My early teenage life was a battle of right and mostly wrongs. I didn't make that personal commitment to God until I was around 16 years old when I really decided that Christianity is the lifestyle I really want to live. If not for my mom or for anyone else but because I wanted to be different from the other guys that i knew that got caught up with the block life that was so easily sought after in our community, with the violence and drugs and lack of education and guidance. What I realized, was that God was the reason we made it through each day even though days my mom didn't know where we would get something to eat. He provided and I promised Him I will serve Him for the rest of my life and It is challenging sometimes but God is always there when I really need that proof that He's with me. I thank my mom for grounding us in church from early because that foundation kept me. Now ministry is all that's on my mind.

Kyle: I grew up in the church, as long as I could remember I was in church, mostly as a spectator though most of the things I did in church were because that is what I knew to be right and not because I really knew Christ. Couple years back, I went on a trip to Canada where a pastor talked to me and prayed for me, in that service is where I felt the holy spirit for myself for the first time and from then i just grew. As for drumming I always liked it, in my younger days I would make a drum kit out of pots, pans and pot covers. At about age 11 is when the passion really developed and started playing at church. Drumming is where I feel most comfortable and can share my feelings through my grooves and energy on the kit, so when the opportunity to be part of ministry arose it was complete.

'And we know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.'  Romans 8:28

The vision is to reach all the young people all over the world who think that Christianity is boring. We want to show them, through our lifestyle, that you can be a Christian and still have loads of run. Christianity isn't a set of rules to follow, it's a lifestyle and the lifestyle is fun. So we have a mission to reach all those young people who are willing to have a good time in the right way and place.

I know He is real because He proves Himself to me every day in some really weird ways. Ways that I never expect. We know that God loves everybody and wants them to have eternal life with him.

A Few Good Men

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