From Africa to the world with love: The Full Life Group

Taking His love to the nations.

1. How did The Full Life Group start?

We got together September 2012 to record the album: 'The Father's Love'. How we all got together was truly divine appointment. The Lord gave me a task to get a message out about his Love through music and other means. He led me to the right people to ask and they all said yes.

2. What is the vision behind your music?

To share the message of God's love and to encourage and build people up so they can fulfill their destinies and be all God created them to be and do all God has ordained for them to do.

3. Where do you see The Full Life Group in five years?

There is two more messages to put in songs so we will hopefully be releasing the next album next year - 2014 and the third album in 2015 and touring within the United Kingdom. After that we hope to continue to hold concerts spreading the message beyond the United Kingdom to other continents and other nations, slowly but surely, in Jesus' name!

4. Where can we expect to see you perform?

We are currently performing/ministering within Churches in Leeds and other neighbouring Cities in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. We also perform in public places outside the Church, at fundraising events etc. We are in the process of sorting out a website for the group with updates of upcoming events. Our vision is to perform/minister more in public arenas and in a few years time to travel to some of the African Countries and perform/minister as God opens the doors.

5. What has been the response to your music?

Very positive! Many people say, 'I play your cd all the time in the car'. And others like how the album is so varied with different styles of music in the same album yet the same message.

The Full Life Group

Mayizhi of the Full Life Group