I am a Pearl Ministries ~ Wynter Patterson

You are a pearl

1. Tell us a bit more about Wynter Patterson

Wynter Patterson is an author, entrepreneur, evangelist and lover of God's people. There is nothing that brings me more joy than serving God all over the world, and teaching and preaching the gospel. I am the Founder and President of I am a Pearl Ministries which is a non-profit organization designed to empower women throughout with world with biblical truths and practical skills that will propel them to their desired level of success.

2. What can people expect from I Am a Pearl Ministries?

I Am a Pearl Ministries is focused on the holistic woman, meaning we try to empower women in all areas and in all stages of life. We have 5 different arms of the ministry: Women's empowerment conferences, Project Outreach, The Pearl Academy, Higher Education, and Mentorship. There are so many ways to serve God's women and we try to meet their needs through those programs.

3. What is the purpose behind this ministry?

The purpose of I Am a Pearl Ministries is to assist in meeting the spiritual and practical needs of women and girls by providing spiritual support and a network of resources. Our pursuit is to ensure that each individual that enters any I Am a Pearl program leaves prepared for their desired level of success.

4. How have lives been impacted?

Oh goodness, its hard to quantify the results of such a great task, but we have been able to serve on 3 continents (North America, Europe and South Africa) and several states within the US. People have shared the I Am a Pearl Book, taught workshops, Bible studies, etc. so it's hard to imagine how many women have been impacted but we can imagine that it's a lot because our programs keep getting bigger every year.

5. What are your goals for 2014? 

2014 has already proven to be an awesome year for the ministry! We have just facilitated a huge Women's Empowerment conference in Chicago, Illinois and we are about to host 2 conferences in Houston, Texas in the fall. 2015 will be an international year for us and we are looking to host a conference in the Bahamas, Jamaica or South Africa, we have not decided yet. We are really excited about what God is doing through our ministry and the book "I Am a Pearl: A Woman's Guide to Understanding Her Pain, Process, and Purpose". The best is yet to come, stay tuned world!

I am a Pearl Ministries

Wynter Patterson