~ Heaven is HERE ~

Ever wanted to visit a place where God's presence is tangible, like standing under an open heaven? This is your chance.

1. What is the vision behind Heaven’s Door?

Our vision is creating a Holy Spirit-infused atmosphere that will dwell in people’s hearts for eternity. We aim to create an unforgettable atmosphere that will bless others and a platform for the Holy Spirit to operate and touch people’s lives. Heaven’s Door is a place of REST.

2. What makes this place special?

Heaven’s Door is not just an ordinary beach house / retreat. God wants to bless and heal His people here. We just happen to be privileged enough to manage this platform for Him to work. God’s presence resides here and people find rest here.

3. What to expect at Heaven’s Door?

Expect to be touched. Expect to feel the ocean spray and breath of God touching your face. Expect falling asleep to the rushing Indian Ocean. Expect the unexpected!

4. And the location of this special place?

Heaven’s Door is located in the beautiful seaside village of Betty’s Bay, roughly 1 hour’s drive from Cape Town, South Africa. It is famous for the Penguin colony at Stony Point and it’s rugged, unspoilt beauty.

5. What has been the response at Heaven’s Door since you opened?

We have had great success since we opened in March. Our prayers have been answered and we have been fully booked two weekends out of every single month! Here are some comments our guests have left us:

My friends and I absolutely loved Heaven's Door! The scenery was stunning and our hostess Talitha incredibly sweet! We particularly loved having brekkie every morning at the 'coffee shop' as our hostess suggested. We definitely will return again in the future! ~ Lina

Loved our time away at Heaven's Door - felt like no one else was nearby, so private and just the most stunning view of the waves! Thank you! We will be back! ~ Michelle

This place / home is so blessed! What a peaceful and restful and beautiful home. Thank you for having us! ♥ ~ Ness + Carl

Heaven's Door

Heaven's Door

The beautiful ocean views at Heaven's Door