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Are you a Christian writer/artist? Ever wanted a platform for your work to be seen & to touch others? Here is your chance. God's Pen Pals are doing just that and more!

1. What is God's Pen Pals all about?

God’s Pen Pals is a satellite ministry of Prophetic Ministries Tabernacle. PMT is the home base of Prophetic Pastor Kent Simpson. Pastor Kent is a father in the faith, and a force in the lives of God’s people. Over the years, having offered prophetic pastoral counseling and ministry to thousands, Pastor Kent understood first-hand the need for a platform for writers and artists to release the words and works God was releasing to them.

In the publishing industry, you have to have a name and/or a following to get a book deal. On the same hand, the publishing industry is changing as the internet has changed the way people are buying books and movies.

There are a few issues. The publishers’ limited willingness to invest. The change in book buying habits. There is also the issue of royalties. If an author gets through all the hoops to publish, there is quite a bit of control over the way he/she can say things, and how much he/she is paid for the original work.

So, God’s Pen Pals has offered a platform to all artists and authors, contingent on our beliefs which are outlined here:

It is affordable. At present, a monthly membership of $27/month (prices will change) secures a library that the author can update. Coming soon are digital book publishing options and more! It is available. It is revolutionary.

It is so low cost, so available, so open to all, working to provide this equal platform. The reason GPP is able to do so is because the team, under Pastor Kent Simpson, has absorbed all the start up costs to make this available as a result of the vision God gave Kent, and the heart he had when he saw the widespread need for a platform that was available and affordable to all.

2. When did you launch the website and what has been the response so far?

GPP was officially launched in July 2013. We had a great first wave of authors and artists, and the second wave has been steady. Once full scale advertising hits, the price will increase and so will the response. The more the word gets out, the more response we get!

3. Where do you see God's Pen Pals in 5 years? Is there a promise God gave you?

Of course, no one but God exactly knows where we will be in five years. What we must each do, as a person, and a ministry, is to walk out what He gives us one step at a time.

What I believe we can expect is this. Publishing to make an even greater change, as is being done now in television and movie trends. More people are canceling satellite service and switching to on-line TV and movie rentals. Why? It’s instant. Affordable. No contract, or minimal contract.

The same trend is in books. GPP is working toward a streamlined e-book conversion service. We will become a major electronic book warehouse for the Kingdom.

People will be able to access GPP:

  • To receive encouragement, help, training, guidance, strength from our free articles
  • Email them to family and friends
  • Connect with our authors and artists
  • And download their books all from our website.

Since we offer such low prices and such a wide door of opportunity, GPP is unique, and may well be God’s leader to make access between His messages He is releasing to His people.

Regarding the promise God gave us. He said that best-sellers would emerge from GPP. He also told us that salvations would result, many will receive ministry, and GPP is a door of truth that will allow for multitudes to be fed.

4. Who can join your website?

Anyone can join. The writings and art must be consistent with our beliefs based on the Bible as the inerrant Word of God, and His Holy Spirit.

See GPP Policy and Publication Rules:

The monthly membership is $27 for a limited time. This is the second window of opportunity. As with any new thing, those who get in on the ground floor rise higher than those who wait till much later.

5. What encouragement can you give Christian authors / artists out there?

The encouragement I give is start where you are! Do not hold back! This is the moment of opportunity. Where doors have been shut before, there is a door open before you now! Write down what is in your heart. Dust off and polish what you have written and laid away from long ago that you knew was meant to go forth.

If you have a book stirring in your heart, work on it now! There’s still time.

There’s no time like the present! There is opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Do not reason yourself out of it. Write down what is stirring on your heart, or dust off what you have written down before and put away, feeling that there would never be a place for you.

The Father has opened this door for you through a father in the faith so that you can release what He has given you. We are God’s Pen Pals, setting the pen free to speak! Come check us out, we welcome you!

God's Pen Pals

God's Pen Pals

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