Unity is key

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Uniting as believers

Tonight I got a heaviness on my heart about unity amongst believers and His church truly caring about each other. I saw angels going around the earth with a burning torch igniting believers' hearts and believers started uniting with hearts of love being released into the air.

We keep preaching, laying hands, moving in Grace but where is the place for true love? When the week starts we are all back to our lives, not truly 'connecting' with our fellow believers. Are we truly presenting the family of Christ? The family of true love and light? Have numbers, rules and regulations taken the place of true love? People are bleeding but are we seeing? Or are we casting a blind eye?

People leave and we let them go like lost sheep but are we not supposed to go AFTER the lost sheep, even ONE lost sheep?? 'My heart is bleeding...for My children...I cannot come if My children are not in unity...Unity is the trigger for My Son's return...unity is like a key opening the door to Heaven. We have to passionately/actively love others. Fight to love. The fight for love is gona be big, you have to fight for it. But as you fight, it becomes easier.'

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