It is NOT about the numbers!

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Jesus is coming soon

Tell My church it is NOT about the numbers. Stop counting heads! I shall do the counting. Do you not think I have enough power to bring the whole world to salvation all at once? You have underestimated My power. With underestimating, pride creeps in and before you know it you are working in your own strength. Work work work! Dead works! Your works are like filthy rags. Without My power your works are dead! Stop trying to catch fish and plug into Me, your provider, Jehovah Jireh. In Me are many hidden treasures, if you but seek you shall find! But My church has stopped seeking. You are not plugged in. You are asleep! Chasing numbers and riches instead of truth! This is the spirit of the Lord. Warn the people. I am coming soon.

My bride needs to be positioned for My Glory to fall. STOP working and start aligning. The time is NOW. Get ready. Babylon is falling and My bride is rising till I take her away into My arms.

Behold, I am coming soon.

Love. The Father.

Take heed My people.
Psalm 137

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